Sharing results is important. As part of this research project, the Healthy Forest Partnership wants to keep everyone up to date on the process and progress of the research program.

Through our website, we’ll be sharing much of our information including when and where treatments will be conducted, and the results.

Research Overview

The early intervention research focuses on monitoring, detecting, targeting and treating small areas of relatively low but growing populations of spruce budworm before infestation or epidemic levels.

Currently, a spruce budworm infestation is approaching New Brunswick from the Gaspe Peninsula. Research is focused in targeted areas in Northern New Brunswick close to the Quebec border, where detailed sampling in 2013 through 2016 showed that budworm populations are present and increasing.

The severe uncontrolled outbreak in Quebec grew by 0.7 million hectares in 2016, reaching over 7.0 million hectares in size (New Brunswick has 6 million hectares of forest). Not only is the outbreak growing in size, but it is on the border of New Brunswick.

Based on monitoring, 2016 areas of focus have been identified near the towns of  Dalhousie, Campbellton, Charlo, Balmoral, Tide Head, Atholville, an area about 50km northwest of Kedgwick and another about 35 km northwest of Miramichi.”