Research Blog

Looking for updates and to follow the progress of the research? Lead researcher Dr. Rob Johns (Natural Resources Canada) and his team will provide project status updates on testing, results, analysis and updates on spruce budworm populations throughout the course of the project. 

First Introductory Post

Spruce budworm is once again on the rise in eastern Canada. Spruce and fir forests in Quebec have already been subjected to nearly 3.2 million hectares of moderate to severe defoliation by spruce budworm as of 2006. So far, densities remain low in the province of New Brunswick; however, a small outbreak has developed only 50 km or so north of the New Brunswick border and is expected to continue spreading. With spruce budworm rising, the million-dollar questions are: How can we best manage spruce budworm outbreaks? What are the best strategies and tactics to control spruce budworm that minimize potential environmental impact? Our...

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