How safe for the environment are the Btk, Mimic and Pheromone treatments?

All products are federally registered and approved safe for use by Health Canada. Spruce budworm is the only species being targeted by treatments. The research project is regulated by requirements of the Federal Pest Control Products Act and New Brunswick’s Pesticides Control Act and Regulation. Any provincial permit and product label conditions will be observed to ensure safe and responsible use.

Btk is a naturally occurring soil bacteria and is not harmful to humans or other mammals, bees, birds, or fish when used according to label conditions.

Pheromones occur naturally, they are unique to each insect, and they trigger behavioural changes in members of the same species. Pheromones pose no risk to humans or other animals. They are used to lure or attract insects to traps, and they can be used to disrupt mating cycles. Spruce budworm pheromones do not kill insects.

Mimic (active ingredient is tebufenozide) is an insect growth regulator that larvae eat.  Mimic imitates a natural insect hormone that causes the developing caterpillars to molt prematurely as the larvae go through their growth stages. The caterpillars then quickly stop feeding and die. It is harmless to humans or other mammals, bees, birds, or fish when used according to strict label conditions. Here is a link to a detailed fact sheet about Mimic.

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