What is the economic impact of an outbreak like we see happening in Québec now?

The spruce budworm outbreak in Québec is similar to the severe outbreak scenario analyzed for the direct logging and sawmill sector and the indirect effects on all economic sectors in New Brunswick (Chang et al., 2012). The study indicated that total output in the New Brunswick economy over the 2012 – 2041 period under an uncontrolled moderate to severe spruce budworm outbreak,  would decline in present-value by CDN $3.3 billion and $4.7 billion.


Chang,W., Lantz, V.A., Hennigar, C.R., MacLean, D.A., 2012. Benefit-cost analysis of spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana Clem.) control: Incorporating market and non-market values. In Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 93, Issue 1, Pages 104–112.

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